Dubrovnik – more popular than Croatia itself

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Dubrovnik, the southernmost town in Croatia, is probably more popular than Croatia itself. Vera grew up in this region, and knows the town pretty well. We’ll try to cover as many aspects of Dubrovnik Croatia as possible.

Dubrovnik is really beautiful, although at times it can feel too touristy (crowded, and expensive). However, Dubrovnik is one of its kind, and certainly a must-visit destination in Croatia. Dubrovnik has been UNESCO listed World Heritage Site since 1979. The most popular attraction in Dubrovnik is pedestrian-only old town and surrounding city walls.


Dubrovnik harmonises and blends classic form and the romantic experience of different moods of the soul. In it, history turns into the spiralling eternity of the labyrinth. In the old port of the city you’ll find it easy to conjure up the ancient sailing vessels, the bygone centuries of wealth, power and fame. Dubrovnik, once a republic, a city state with a thousand years of liberty.

The culture, literature, painting, architecture, philosophy, science, music and diplomacy of Dubrovnik are an irresistible part of the cultural heritage of Europe and the whole world.   In Dubrovnik you will become Ragusans, Mediterraneans, people of the sea, if you aren’t already. Without understanding the language, you’ll understand what the birds are chirruping, what the a cappella groups are singing of, you’ll understand that Dubrovnik is love and joy in life under the common sun.


For two hundred and fifty days a year (a day or two more or less, don’t let us be pernickety) the sky over Dubrovnik is bright and brilliantly sunny by day, indigo and starry at night, with a sea glimmering in the silver moonlight, its seductive voice calling you to night-time cruises. Accept the invitation, accept everything that Dubrovnik offers you, its sky, its sea, its stone and its people, the special treats of its regional cuisine, watch the performances of the Summer Festival, listen to concerts and visit exhibitions, climb, swim, dive, dance, fish, photograph, talk, ponder, dream, love, do things for yourself. It’ll be wonderful, the best ever, incomparable, because Dubrovnik is itself incomparable and ought not to be compared.

Those who don’t visit Dubrovnik won’t have anything to tell their descendants about.

Franciscan Monastery

Built in 1317, the Franciscan Monastery is located right at the entrance of the city, pass the Pile Gate. The monastery has two cloisters: upper and lower. The upper and lower cloisters. The lower cloister is built in Romanesque-Gothic, and it consists of 120 columns, and 12 pillars, frescoes, reliefs, statue of St. Francis, and a fountain. The monastery houses the old pharmacy from 14th century.

City walls

Dubrovnik’s main attraction, city walls are almost 2.000 m long, and consist of four fortresses: Minceta, Revelin, St. John, and the Bokar Fortress; two additional round towers, 12 square towers, 5 bastions, and 2 cornerstone forts. A must-see if you are in Dubrovnik.

Lovrijenac Fortress


This 14-century fortress, built on a 37 m high sea rock, is often used as a stage for various theatrical plays. It was also a set of the “King’s Landing” in the popular mini series “Games of Thrones”.

The admission to the fort is included in the admission fee for the city walls. Yet, it remains less visited and thus less crowded.

Old town port

A lovely old port is located in the southern end of the city walls. Today it harbors small, leisure boats, and it’s a great place to relax and watch the world go by.

Island of Lokrum


A green oasis just a short boat hop from Dubrovnik’s old town, the island of Lokrum is a nature park, and a popular swimming spot among locals.

Boats to the island depart from the old port.

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